You're Invited to an Exclusive Event for Multifamily Companies that want to grow their business, raise capital faster, scale third party management portfolios, and build trust and credibility without hiring more people, face to face meetings, chasing down investors or potential clients.

This is a FREE live meeting for Multifamily Companies looking to Build Trust, Educate a Marketplace, and Sell at Scale so that they can Grow their Business.

The meeting is focused on helping Multifamily Companies get Visibility without face to face meetings, hiring more people, cold calling, and chasing down leads.

This is not a webinar or presentation. This is an interactive exchange with Q&A designed to help Multifamily Companies discover new ideas and strategies to scale.

Sign up now for this exclusive virtual zoom event. Space is limited.

FREE EVENT - Live Every Thursday at 12pm PST I 1pm AZ I 2pm CST I 3pm EST


  • Multifamily Owners/Operators that want to raise more capital, engage their investors, and generate deal flow even without meeting face to face with potential clients

  • Management Companies that want to grow their 3rd party business and scale even without meeting face to face with potential clients

  • Multifamily Vendors, Service Providers, and Industry Partners who don’t want to rely on luck and referrals to grow their business - and instead want a predictable & consistent lead generation system.

  • Business development representatives that want inbound leads without attending trade shows, fussing with webinar tech, and cold calling

  • Companies that have the capacity to take on more leads & customers

  • Companies willing to invest in their business & results

  • Companies that understand results don't come overnight, believe in the power of thought leadership, and know that good marketing makes sales easier

A Better Way to Get Clients

There are much better ways to inform people about our companies. As the online marketplace expands - we buy online, network online, sell online, date online, learn online, and consume massive amounts of content online - resistance to this change feels safe but is very dangerous, as it exposes us to the greater risk of becoming irrelevant.

We are now in a market where products require educating potential customers. The more complex the product or service, the more time it takes to transfer that knowledge to potential clients. A typical sales representative would attempt to transfer that knowledge over coffee, scheduling an online demo, a dinner meeting, trade show meetups, and client sales calls. This process can be time consuming, costly, and becomes a challenge for both the client and the sales rep.

"85% of buyers don’t want to talk to a salesperson before they are ready to buy. This is why you want to make it easy for people to discover and learn about products." Hubspot

It's time to focus on the buyer journey. Positioning a product requires a brand to create awareness, understanding, conviction,

and finally trust. You simply can’t rush the process.


  • Reach more people at scale

  • Reach people who don't attend trade shows

  • Educate the marketplace

  • Attract the best clients with inbound leads

  • Scale your business without hiring more sales people

  • Get 10x the sales without 10x the effort

  • Build trust as a thought leader

  • Go green while allowing ideal clients to watch and learn on their own time

  • Utilize tools such as multifamily sales funnels, business texting, email marketing, marketing automation campaigns, forms and surveys, reputation management, webinars and more.

Digital Marketing is the Way

of the Future

Is your team utilizing landing pages? How about business texting, webinars, and automated marketing campaigns? If the answer is no, then you would probably benefit from implementing more digital marketing into your business. People don’t want your products or information, they want what’s possible and they want it now. Can you believe that there are 17.5 million people in Multifamily, yet only 11,000 people attend the industry's largest event? How are you attracting the millions of people who go to trade shows?

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